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Power Chairs

Power chairs offer one hand control, either left or right. Indoor and outdoor usage, ranging from small compact models that dismantle for the car. Up to bigger ones offering heavy duty batteries and luxury seating. All this depends on the users' weight and needs.

The Mini Go

The Mini Go is small, light and portable. With its enhanced performance and comfort, along with 5-piece disassembly, it allows you to enjoy light-weight travel and independence on the go. Small, manageable and compact. Solid tyres, 4mph for indoor and outdoor use.


The Jazzy 6 wheel provides excellent performance and outstanding stability. Luxury seating, suspension and heavy-duty batteries allow it to excel indoors and out, with its sensitive control and solid tyres.

The Marbella

The Marbella is the traditional type electric chair. Fully crash tested, 4 wheels, strong, travels up to 4mph. Heavy duty batteries mean the Marbella is as happy both inside and out, with its gentle control and durable suspension.

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